Big Brother 2013: Day 36 highlights and recap


Day 36 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw thoughts turn to the upcoming eviction, as the Charlie-Dexter-Callum love triangle continued.

Housemates are excited to receive their shopping.

Jack, Joe and Dexter discuss the eviction creeping up on them and how they feel about their time in the house and a return to day to day living with ‘everyone knowing you are a t**t.’

Jackie goes into the kitchen to make things civil between her and Callum. They decide to put last night’s disagreement behind them as they only have a few days left in the house and want to be ‘adult’ about things.

In the diary room, Dexter talks to Big Brother about Charlie and Jackie’s thoughts about their developing friendship. He wants to prove to Jackie that he is a good person and doesn’t think Callum has a chance with Charlie. ‘Maybe she’s attracted to that dark thing behind the wall but I won’t let that happen in a million years,’ he muses.

For today’s task Callum is given a secret mission to keep the task going for as long as possible, this lasts for 2 hours. He passes the task and receives a treat for the whole house.

Housemates are in the living area discussing the upcoming eviction and how they feel about packing their suitcases.

Gina makes a request to Big Brother for some Ferrero Rocher chocolate and champagne, either Cristal or Dom Perignon. She claims it would really cheer her up.

Charlie repeatedly says that she wants to enjoy her last night in the house with Jackie as she has a gut feeling that her mum will go.

Callum and Sam talk in the tree house about the possibility of Dexter pulling Charlie. They don’t think he will happen. Sam tells Callum that he is finding it hard to break the ice with her Sophie and he can’t be bothered to keep trying.

Dexter, Dan, Charlie and Gina are in the smoking area talking about Callum and his ‘game plan.’ Dexter tells the group that Callum is an analyst whereas he is an ‘observationist.’ He claims that Callum will go to people that he thinks are ‘hot’ but drops them once they are not.

Callum is in the living area b***hing about Dexter. He thinks Dexter is playing a game, flipping between Hazel and Charlie and remarks that Dexter is ‘full of s**t.’

Housemates are larking about in the garden, Charlie, Dan and Callum decide to jump in the pool when the housemates. Hazel comments, ‘Charlie is wild child. If her mum wasn’t here she would be crazy. I can see it in her.’

Dan teaches Gina to speak with an Essex accent while doing impressions.

Dexter praises Hazel by saying that that ‘statistically’ for a model to still be in the houses in the sixth week is fantastic and would love to be in her position.

Jack tells Dexter and Gina that he has been himself in the house and that is all that matters if he goes. ‘It is done now and whatever will be, will be.’

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