Big Brother 2013 bosses 'monitoring' Callum Knell


Big Brother bosses are reportedly monitoring Callum Knell after an "aggressive" outburst last night.

Callum was seen clashing with Jackie in the garden in front of the other housemates after she barged in on his discussion about her daughter Charlie.

But when Callum seemed to lose it, Jackie told the group: "I would worry about someone like that.

“You don’t know where that kind of behaviour will lead."

And a worried Jackie explained: “No-one’s ever spoken to me like that before, it’s his eyes, he is an aggressive man, aggressive as hell.

“I will not put up with it. The only reason he stopped it was because he was on TV.

“The sort of guy that gets aggressive like that is not worth it. He’s aggressive towards me – I’d be terrified of him if I was his wife.”

Speaking in the Diary Room later, Callum complained: “Embarrassed. Frustrated. Upset and generally not good enough. Jackie does not feel that I am good enough for her daughter. She has only had 4 ½ weeks with me so what is she basing that on, my appearance. My appearance isn’t good enough for her daughter."

He later went to speak to Charlie alone, telling her away from Jackie: "I don’t feel like I went about it the wrong way but if I was aggressive I didn’t mean to be…you are a knockout you will go places.

"I can’t convince you…hopefully one day I will sweep somebody off their feet. Just do your own thing. Top bird. Top bird. I mean that. I never looked at you once and thought ‘I am going to pull that.’ I looked at you and thought ‘wow’. The more I talked to you and the more I got to know you I saw you didn’t see the wow yourself.”

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