Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell "embarrassed, frustrated, upset" by Jackie Travers

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A row between Callum Knell and Jackie Travers engulfs the whole house on Bi Brother 2013 tonight.

In the garden Jackie interrupts a conversation between Hazel, Dexter and Callum over their feelings for Charlie.

Jackie tells Callum: “This is all a load of old rubbish, it is a game. When you leave here you probably won’t see each other.”

Callum responds: “At the end of the day that is your opinion. Who knows who is going to stay in touch? Who knows who is going to stay in touch and who is not?”

But Jackie snaps: “Well you're not.”

Callum tells her: “What because you said so Jackie…You have made a choice about me. Regardless of it being between me and Dexter you have made a choice about me.”

Speaking later in the Diary Room, Callum tells Big Brother: “[I'm feeling] Embarrassed. Frustrated. Upset and generally not good enough.

"Jackie does not feel that I am good enough for her daughter. She has only had 4 ½ weeks with me so what is she basing that on, my appearance. My appearance isn’t good enough for her daughter. I have never been more proud of where I come from and my family and the council estate that I am from that when someone like Jackie or other people in the house look down their nose at me and talk to me like a piece of dirt because they can only be basing it. I have asked her what her reasons are and there aren’t any.”

Later, Callum is talking to Charlie in the garden while they hug.

Callum tells her: “I don’t feel like I went about it the wrong way but if I was aggressive I didn’t mean to be…you are a knockout you will go places. I can’t convince you…hopefully one day I will sweep somebody off their feet. Just do your own thing. Top bird. Top bird. I mean that.

"I never looked at you once and thought ‘I am going to pull that.’ I looked at you and thought ‘wow’. The more I talked to you and the more I got to know you I saw you didn’t see the wow yourself.”

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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