Big Brother 2013: Day 35 highlights and recap


Day 35 in the BBUK house saw the shopping task continue, as the day ended with rows.

Day 2 of the shopping task and the house are woken up with a fast forward and then rewound back into bed.

Charlie and Hazel are talking in the garden about who they feel will be up for nominations next and who will be in the final. Charlie believes that her mum will go on Friday and that after Callum she will next to go. Charlie thinks the final three will be Gina, Sam and Sophie.

During a pause by Big Brother a beauty therapist walks into the garden and waxes Callum and Sam’s legs before waxing Dan’s chest.

During a pause by Big Brother the twin’s parents walk into the kitchen. Jack breaks from him pause and hugs his mum. The twins start to break down whilst talking to their parents.

During a pause by Big Brother where all housemates are in the living area, a barbershop quartet come in a sing a song about them all being fake.

The housemates are gathered in the living area to be told that they have 23 fails for the shopping task and that the number of fails they were allowed is hidden in the number 5 on the remote control. Callum retrieves the number which is 33, so the housemates pass the task and will be given a full luxury shopping budget this week.

Charlie and Dexter are in the living area looking at the TV screens with their faces discussing what the order of people leaving will be.

Callum is talking to Joe in the bedroom with Sam. They are discussing group dynamics and friendships.

Sophie and Jack are in the bedroom discussing their feelings over the way Dan spoke to them about Hazel the night before.

Dexter is talking to Jackie about his behaviour towards her when he was in the safe house and he is trying to tell her he has never been disrespectful towards her.

Callum and Dexter are talking in the living area and Hazel, Charlie and Jackie walk in and try and convince them that they have heard everything that was said.

Hazel is in the garden talking to Callum and Dexter telling them that one of them needs to win the girl as they will look silly otherwise. Callum responds that he is not in the race.

Jackie and Callum have an argument over her feelings towards Callum and he keeps asking her to explain why she doesn’t like him and what it is exactly that she is referring to when she says her opinion is based on fact.

Callum is talking to Dexter about his row with Jackie and how he feels that Dexter is the better candidate for Charlie that because of his own issues and insecurities he is not good enough for Charlie and would never be able to get a girl like her.

Dexter is in the diary talking to Big Brother about his opinions on the night’s row and that he feels Jackie was in the right.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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