Big Brother 2013 housemates set impassable task


Today, Big Brother has set the housemates a task which they cannot complete.

Housemates are faced with a mysterious task in which the garden is filled with unusual props and puzzles. A meter on the wall moves between pass and fail, indicating how close they are to success. Big Brother tells the housemates that “something in the garden is causing them to pass or fail” and they must get the meter all the way to ‘pass’ in order to win a reward. The task will continue until the housemates succeed, or until a housemate comes to the diary room to quit the task.

However, all is not what it seems, as one housemate - CALLUM - is secretly controlling the pass / fail meter with signals to Big Brother, and the real task is to keep the others trying for as long as possible.


The Real Secret Task
Big Brother explains to Callum that he will secretly be in control of today’s task. By giving secret signals to Big Brother, Callum on the secret task will be able to make a pass/fail meter go up and down towards pass or fail. His task is to use this power, along with any other tactics he wishes, to get the housemates to keep trying to pass the task for as long as possible. The longer housemates attempt the task the better their reward.

The Fake Task
From the other housemates’ perspective, the task will appear to be a mystery in which the garden is filled with unusual props and puzzles, and the housemates need to work out what they must do in order to pass. A pass / fail meter indicates their progress towards either pass or fail.

Big Brother’s instructions are very simple:

“Something in the garden will cause housemates to pass or fail. The task will continue until housemates either pass or quit. If housemates wish to quit the task, one housemate should come to the diary room to tell Big Brother.”

The garden is filled with various props that are all deliberately suggestive, and seem to need something done with them:

* A Bath tub full of beans, and instructions to ‘relax’.
* A magnetic board with a list of fake housemate quotes on it and magnets with all the housemates names on it.
* A podium with a microphone that says ‘Entertain Big Brother”.
* A container filled with white and brown rice a pair of chopsticks and two empty cylinders one saying brown rice and one saying white rice.
* A giant chocolate cake a sign saying eat me – but they can only use their mouth.
* Onions, a chopping knife and a vial marked tears.
* A plinth, marked HUMAN STATUE, and a bucket of gold body paint.

The task will only come to an end when either the housemates decide to quit, or they reach the jackpot maximum time limit (2 hours).

If the housemates decide to quit, one must come to the diary room and tell Big Brother. Big Brother will then announce that the task is over, and gather the housemates at the sofas. Big Brother will then reveal the secret task, and also announce how many rewards the housemates have earned.

If Callum on the secret mission manages to keep the other housemates trying at the task for the maximum amount of time, the housemates will win the jackpot prize. If this happens Callum on the secret mission will be called to the diary room. The other housemates will then be gathered and all will be revealed.

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