Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell and Jackie Travers clash!

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It's no secret that BBUK housemates Callum Knell and Jackie Travers don't see eye to eye, and last night their rows continue.

Once again, it all started over the supposed love triangle between Callum, Dexter Koh and Jackie's daughter Charlie.

"I'm the one that brought up the word triangle, because Big Brother asked 'How the triangle is coming along'....but there is no love triangle. There's no interest there from me," Callum said. "Me and Charlie are friends.

"To be honest wit you Jackie, you're one of the people with speculation on us, and you made that judgement on me. I'm quite happy to be friends with Charlie, if we're happy..."

But Jackie interrupted: "I've made a choice based on fact, the way you behave in your outbursts..."

Callum snapped back: "Based on f**k all! Where's the fact? Standing up for yourself when you're being belittled is not an outburst. you're trying to belittle to me and I'm taking huge offense. You're trying to embarrass me and that's a silly thing."

Jackie tried to explain: "We're just chatting as a discussion, we're not talking about opinions or... you know... "

"I've been nothing but polite to people," said Callum.

"That bares no relationship on your slightly aggressive outbursts," Jackie told him.

"Defending yourself when you're embarrassed is not an aggressive outburst" Callum repeated.

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