Big Brother 2013: Twins Jack and Joe are under attack!


Big Brother twins Jack and Joe are beginning to rub their housemates up the wrong way.

The duo were put up for eviction for the first time this week, and they didn't take the news well.

And it sounds as though the pair could get even more nominations next week if they aren't evicted on Friday.

"With the twins, I have a laugh of joke with them but if I wanted to talk about something serious, I would do it with you," Sophie told Dan this morning.

"They are lovely boys, they're not malicous but at times it's just..." Dan replied. "With Jack, it's what you see is what you get, but I find Joe really frustrating sometimes.

"He can be too nice sometimes," Sophie suggested.

"It's just too much sometimes, the reason I would never say it..." Dan continued.

"I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings, he's too nice," Sophie finished.

"I dont think he would take it the right way, it's not a major, major thing, but it's becoming one if I'm honest," Dan added.

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