Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan "worried" for Daley Ojuederie


Big Brother's Hazel O’Sullivan has admitted she's worried about Daley Ojuederie after his exit from the show.

Daley was booted out of the house on Monday following an aggressive incident on Sunday night, with Hazel telling Big Brother she felt "terrified" by the boxer after he "flipped".

She told Dan Neal on last night's show: "He just turned; the eyes and everything. I had my knees up to his chest trying to push him away, really really intense.

"I just grabbed his throat, pushing him away saying you don’t think I am afraid of aggressive men do you, I was pushing him away. Then at that second Big Brother were like ‘Daley come to the diary room.’ I didn’t want anyone to be kicked out, just got a little bit of a fright.”

But Hazel also admitting to being "disappointed" with the incident, which also saw her get a formal warning from Big Brother.

And the Irish model confessed today that she was worried about the reaction that Daley might receive on the outside world after his exit.

She said: "I'm worried about his life outside, he's a good, decent guy, he doesn't deserve anything, he wasn't violent or like..."

Haze added: "I'd hate him to be branded, because I hate how the press can be."

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