Big Brother 2013: Day 33 highlights and recap


Day 33 in the Big Brother UK house saw the removal of Daley.

Charlie is in the garden with Joe talking about her date with Dexter and Callum. She admits that she still doesn’t believe Dexter has feelings, and how she felt telling Callum some home truths.

The housemates are in the garden using furniture for instruments whilst Jackie is singing a made up song.

Daley is called to the diary room and receives the shock news that he is being removed from the Big Brother house for “threatening and aggressive behaviour.”

Dexter and Sophie are in the living area discussing how they think the winner will behave after the show and if it will change them.

Dexter is emotional about Daley leaving the house.

Sam goes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about Daley being removed, he is still shocked and wants to know what happened.

The housemates are in the garden discussing Daley’s departure and the possibility of getting a new housemate.

Housemates take part in nominations in the diary room.

Some of the housemates are in the garden and an argument erupts between Jackie and Dexter over his alleged lack of manners. Jackie reminds him, “Manners cost nothing.”

Nomination results are revealed to the house; Callum, Dexter, Gina, Jack & Joe and Jackie all face the public vote.

In the tree house, Jack & Joe discuss who could have nominated them.

Gina is in the diary room telling Big Brother that she feels bad about nominating the twins and how sorry she felt for them when their names were announce.

Dexter and Charlie are hugging on his bed, talking about nominations and the forthcoming evictions.

Big Brother UK airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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