Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan 'was terrified' by Daley Ojuederie


Hazel O'Sullivan has spoken to her fellow Big Brother UK housemates about Daley Ojuederie's ejection from the house.

Channel 5 confirmed yesterday that Daley Ojuederie has been removed from the house for "threatening and aggressive behaviour" towards the Irish model.

A statement from a Channel 5 spokesperson confirmed in the evening: "Due to threatening and aggressive behaviour towards Hazel O’Sullivan we have taken the decision to remove Daley Ojuederie from the Big Brother House."

When Big Brother announced the news to the group, none of the housemates believed it.

"I don't believe it at all, he will turn up again in a few days," Sophie suggested.

With the wannabes asking Hazel if anything happened in the safe house, she insisted: "Why you looking at me… how do I know what the rules are?"

But eventually Hazel spoke up and admitted she was "disappointed" in what had happened.

"I just can't believed this got him kicked out," Hazel said.

However she added: "I was scared though, I was terrified."

As the housemates came to terms that this was not another twist, Dexter broke down in tears.

He sobbed: "He didn't desevre to go like that, he should've gone out the front, he deserved to go out the front door. If anyone should've gone I should, if I could swap with him I would."

Charlie agreed: "He was one of the people I wanted to win."

Watch the fall out on tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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