Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers jailed for nominations talk!


Charlie Travers has become the latest housemate to be reprimanded by Big Brother for talking about nominations.

This afternoon the housemates were gathered on the sofas.

"This is Big Brother," boomed in the voice, "It is clearly sated in the Big Brother rules that discussion of the nominations is not permitted.

"Housemates have previously been reminded about this rule numerous times," Big Brother continued, "Despite this, at 9:36 last night, Charlie told Callum she nominated him.

"This is clear breach of the nominations and as a result, Charlie, you will be punished. The jail is now open and you should proceed there immediately and stay there until further notice.

"Dammit..." was Charlie's initial reaction, but she insisted: "I wanted to get it off my chest."

Chatting from Jail, Charlie told Dexter: "Nevermind, it's good to have a bit of time out. I think I did the right thing."

BBUK airs nightly on Channel 5.

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