Big Brother 2013: Jack and Hazel set commentary task


They think it’s all over... well there’s a few weeks left in the Big Brother house

Jack and Hazel have been called to the diary room and told that they will be providing a secret sports style commentary for the action going on in the rest of the house.

Jack and Hazel will be sent to the small task room where they will be watching a live feed of the house. They will also have lip mics to provide commentary over everything they see.

However, what Jack and Hazel don’t know is that their commentary will be playing directly into the house for all of the other housemates to hear!

The other housemates will be in on Jack and Hazel’s secret task and be told they must not give away the fact they can hear the commentary.

Housemates will also be given certain scenarios to play out in the house to spice things up for the commentators.

If housemates manage to keep the secret that they can hear the commentators, Big Brother will deliver them a reward later in the day.

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