Big Brother news: Charlie Travers still doesn't think Dexter Koh really fancies her


Charlie Travers and Dexter Koh had a heart to heart in the Big Brother 2013 house last night.

We watched last week as Dexter decided to proclaim his love for Charlie, but she wasn't buying it.

And despite repeated insisting his feelings are real, Charlie still isn't convinced it's nothing more than a game plan.

"I genuinely know you understand me and we have a connection, but I feel the feelings part is made up," Charlie told him in a dinner time chat.

"I don't want to embarrass you," Dexter told her. "If it t as up to me and we could spend two or three days in the safe house, I could show you my true feelings but I would rather continue this on the outside world where everything is more of a reality."

Charlie piled on the compliments, but still wasn't convinced: "You're a highly intelligent extremely interesting, fascinating human being who I love spending time with, and definitely want to spend time with after this, but... when I look into your eyes, there's no direct correlation between what you say and what you do, you've just go a really cold look."

She added: "There's nothing behind you eye, I just think it's a setup."

Dexter however insisted once more: "It's genuine, you're over analysing things, it's not like that at all, I promise you Charlie."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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