Big Brother 2013: Day 31 highlights and recap


Day 31 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw a special task for the new safe house housemates.

It’s the morning after another eviction. In the bedroom, Dan tells Jackie and Charlie that he has mentally prepared himself to get to the final to make it worthwhile him leaving his job. Jackie is feeling low and commented that she shouldn’t have made a plea to be saved.

In the garden, Hazel tells Daley that she wants to be sent to the safe house so she can be immune from nominations.

Callum tells Big Brother he is ‘feeling good that he’s still in the house’.

Charlie reveals to Dexter that she was very drunk the last night; he tells her that she told him what she thought of him. She comments, ‘I still adore you’.

Jackie tells Big Brother she is feeling low and that she was prepared and excited about going. She hadn’t expected to still be in the house.

Dexter reveals to Charlie, Hazel and Daley that Gina heard Daley saying he won’t be meeting up with him on the outside world. Hazel is gobsmacked by this; she asks Dexter why Gina hates her so much, Dexter doesn’t know why.

In the kitchen, Sophie teaches Joe how to make bread.

In the garden, Dan, Dexter and Sam are acknowledging the fact that they heard boos for Hazel from last night’s audience.

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas to reveal the two new safe house residents, which have been voted in by the public and immune from this week’s nominations: Daley and Hazel. Big Brother has installed a safe house request phone line, so that the safe housemates can phone through to their housemates and request them to complete tasks for them. Gina announces that she isn’t jealous of the safe housemates, and Hazel reveals that she’s delighted.

Dan thinks it’s bad and doesn’t like that Hazel and Daley will be alone in the safe house. He adds that he would be seething if he was the ‘girl on the outside’, Gina agrees.

Jackie is talking again to Big Brother and announces that she is now feeling better about being in the house.

Hazel and Daley are in the safe house, she asks him to request pancakes. He replies, “You want me to be the husband?!” She smiles, “You’re the husband, man of the house!” After deliberating, Daley gets up and calls through to the house to request pancakes.

Daley tells Hazel he must be ‘doing something right’ as he’s still in the house. Hazel said she is going to enjoy the safe house, “it is going to be good.”

In the tree house, Jackie and Charlie are talking, they think something will happen between Hazel and Daley, and that Dexter is playing a game.

Hazel reveals to Daley that she wants some kind of payback from Gina because she made her clean for house for seven hours last week.

Daley jokes with Hazel that the rules say you have to shower naked in the safe house. After Hazel has a shower in her bikini, he then showers naked.

Sophie tells Sam that she would never cheat on someone as she’s been cheated on before. Sam says he’s in awkward position, as Daley is his best friend in the house but disagrees with what he is doing with Hazel.

In the garden, Hazel and Daley request Charlie and Sophie to dish out mud face masks to all housemates.

Hazel calls through to the house to request Gina to clean the garden immediately. Gina does so and says ‘she is taking one for the team’. Watching on, Hazel whispers to Daley ‘don’t f**k with me Gina’.

Dan tells Big Brother that he ‘worries for both Daley and Hazel as it’s like they are on honeymoon’ in the plush safe house.

Callum asks Sam to speak to Charlie to find out if she likes him, Sam thinks it’s a ‘laddish plan’. Callum reveals he won’t get anywhere with the ‘mum here.’

For the next request, Hazel and Daley test Dexter’s nerve by requesting him to act on his promise that if he was saved from eviction, he would streak around the garden. Dexter agrees to stick to his word and streaks around the garden to his housemates’ cheers.

By the shower in the safe house, Daley tells Hazel that he likes girls to be natural and suggests she should be more natural and not wear so much make up. Hazel tells him to ‘enjoy the view’.

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