Big Brother 2013: Homesick Gina Rio wants to leave

GINA RIO (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother 2013 housemate Gina Rio had to be talked out of leaving the house at the weekend.

Having been booted out of the safe house, an upset Gina retreated to the bedroom and moaned about being homesick and missing her family.

Jack and Callum were on hand to try and convince Gina not to walk out of show, telling her she would regret it.

"Don't let you missing your family get to you," Jack said, "If you leave, when you're watching this back next year your family will be still be there but you'll be wanting to go back in."

Callum agreed: "This is the best experience of your life. Grab it with both hands, you may never get this opportunity again."

Jack continued: "You're life might be a bit more busy and hectic [when you leave], but your family are still going to exist, but this will cease to exist.

"This is a time bomb, in four and a half weeks in the final, it's all over forever."

Callum added: "Sleep on it and you'll think differently in the morning."

Will Gina decide to walk or will she stay?

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