Big Brother 2013: Nearly naked Hazel O’Sullivan 'kisses' Daley Ojuederie


There was fumbling under the covers in the Big Brother 2013 safe house last night.

Hazel O’Sullivan joined Daley Ojuederie under the duvet of one of the double beds in the secluded room, where she revealed she was almost naked.

And playing up to their supposed romance, the pair were heard apparently kissing under the sheets and giggling like school girls.

Earlier, Daley had remarked to Hazel: “It just p*sses me off as you can lay in the bed with Dan and be so close up, and no one think of anything. It’s stupid though, that I’ll feel uncomfortable about it.”

Hazel replied: “Dan is gay. Would you get into bed and cuddle me? It wouldn’t be seen like me and Dan... I’ll stay in this bed and you stay in that bed. Sorted!”

Daley insisted: “I can chill with you; I won’t get in the covers. Move up then!”

Meanwhile, Dan told some of the other housemates that he warned Hazel about her closeness with Daley.

He explained: “I said to Hazel on Wednesday, maybe it will be a good thing she goes as it can’t go any further at this point and they hadn’t crossed any lines or boundaries…but now they are still here and in the safe house, I’m worried for them both. It’s a honeymoon shack! If that was my boyfriend I would be screwing!”

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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