Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan's family angry at 'home wrecker' tag


The family of Big Brother 2013 housemate Hazel O'Sullivan are rather angry with the way she's being portrayed on the show.

There were shouts of "home-wrecker" from the crowd during last Friday night's eviction, although Hazel was still saved.

Now in the safe house, Hazel has at least two more weeks int he Big Brother house, but her friends and family are already worried about the reaction when she eventually comes out.

“Hazel’s family are livid that she’s become a hate figure. They’re going mad," family pal Ray Shah told the Daily Star Sunday at the weekend. “I’m sure they’re screaming at the TV every night. It’s really frustrating to see this happening to her.”

Hazel's model friend Ali Ryan agreed: “Everyone is finding it really hard.

“Her mum is watching every night and seeing what’s happening.

“Everyone on Twitter is calling her a slag and a slut and saying she’s a home-wrecker, which is difficult to read.”

And Hazel's fellow model added: “I’m worried Hazel is in for a shock. She’s no idea what people are seeing and the reaction she will get.

“I wish I could prepare her for it.”

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