Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan promises "payback" from the safe house


Big Brother 2013 housemate Hazel O'Sullivan has promised "payback" after moving into the safe house.

Yesterday afternoon:, Big Brother revealed which two housemates have won the public vote to live in the Safe House: Daley and Hazel.

A phone in the Safe House will become a request hotline for the Safe House Residents. The Safe House Residents will be able to call another phone in the Main House and bombard the other Housemates with as many requests as they wish.

Housemates must not miss a phone call and must answer the phone “Hello Safe House request hotline.” The Safe Housemates are allowed request whatever service they like from the others, and are not allowed to leave the Safe House area to do anything for themselves (unless Big Brother calls them to the Diary Room).

Entering their new bedroom, Hazel declared to Daley: "There's been a shift in power. It's payback time".

But thoughts soon turned to their new romantic surroundings, with double beds, rose petals and champagne.

"This is nice... do you know what it feels like, it feels like going on holiday with your boyfriend... but in a weird way," remarked Hazel.

"It feels like a romantic break," Daley agreed, not helping their situation.

"It's hard not to not be in the same space when we're locked in the same place... but we'll be fine," said Hazel rather convincingly.

Daley laughed: "Is it one week we're in here? That's a long time to be on our own!"

BB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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