Big Brother 2013: Day 30 highlights and recap


Day 30 in the BBUK House saw the third exit for one unlucky housemate, and a new twist.

It’s eviction day for either Callum, Hazel, Jackie or Wolfy.

Dexter has last night’s revelations on his mind as he awakes next to Charlie in the safe house.

Callum is still upset by the reasons that some housemates gave for nominating him.

Charlie has a diary room chat and reveals that she thinks Dexter may have an ulterior motive. She tells Big Brother that she is “very very suspicious,” of him.

Big Brother puts Dan’s skills to the test as housemates take part in the task, Detective Dan.

Detective Dan correctly deduces that Sam is the saboteur; Sam is sent to prison while Dan wins the use of some exercise equipment.

Dan and Wolfy put their differences behind them; she tells him how she really feels about her time in the house.

Callum is resigned to the fact that he will be evicted this evening.

Wolfy is the third housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Big Brother shocks housemates by revealing that the safe house is now closed; Charlie, Gina and Dexter must return to the normal house; viewers must now vote to send two more housemates to the lap of luxury and therefore, safe from nomination.

Charlie and Dexter have a private chat in the tree house; she tells him so cold hard facts about his personality.

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