Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan admits she got "carried away" with Daley Ojuederie


Hazel O’Sullivan has confessed to getting "a bit carried away" with Daley Ojuederie in the Big Brother 2013 house.

In scenes on tonight's show, Daley remarks to Hazel: “I’m not saying that we haven’t got a connection, you know that. But I don’t want people to over analyse just ’cause we’re in Big Brother.”

Chatting before the latest eviction, Hazel says: “I’m not a drama queen kind of girl, but there was a point where maybe we were getting a bit carried away, but I think we’ve caught it in time.”

Meanwhile the house's other budding romance between Charlie and Dexter shows no signs of actually going anywhere.

Speaking to Big Brother, Charlie says in the Diary Room: “Him saying he has feelings for me is a massive throw off, ‘cause I think he genuinely feels for Hazel, big time. Yet he’s saying all this stuff, ‘he has feelings for me…, he wants to see me afterwards.’ Never say never because I’ve had that before where something’s evolved.’”

Later, she tells Dex face to face: “I really wanna love you, I just don’t get you sometimes, you’re so creative, perceptive and intelligent. Then you’re cold, cutting, game-playing, untrustworthy and unclear. Your s**t qualities confuse me. I think you’re playing a game. You’re such a bloody sneaky snake.”

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