Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan hopes to make millions from the show


Big Brother 2013 housemate Hazel O’Sullivan is apparently hoping to make millions from her time on the show.

Last night the Irish model was saved by the public after Wolfy Millington was evicted, but it was a close one.

Just 150 votes split the two girls, but it's unlikely to stop Hazel.

The 24-year-old admitted she went into the house as a "business move" and aims to get as much air time as possible to help her career.

But the brunette beauty insisted that she wasn't "fame hungry".

She said: “I think there’s a difference between wanting to be successful and being fame hungry. Some people will come out of it and admit, ‘Yes, I want to be famous by any means.’ But with me I think there’s a long-term plan.

“It is a risky move for me because with what I am doing I can’t backtrack.”

Hazel however insisted that things like her romance-of-sorts with Daley weren't staged for the cameras.

She said: “I was never going to cross any lines – a romance was never going to happen. Noone wants to be seen as a homewrecker.”

Meanwhile, Daley has been confessing his love once again for his girlfriend.

He declared: “I love Katie, she’s the best thing to happen to me apart from my kids.”

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