Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan's "grinding" with Daley Ojuederie riles housemates

Hazel O’Sullivan's "grinding" with Daley Ojuederie sparks comments from her fellow housemates on tonight's show.

As part of the shopping task, the housemates get the chance to watch nominations, causing all sorts of drama.

Hazel getting only two nominations was a surprise to both her and the other housemates following Dexter's comments after his time in the safe house.

"Dexter, why did you tell Hazel she had four nominations when she only had 2?” Dan remarks, “Why are you being such a d**khead, that’s so annoying.”

Later at the smoking area Sophie explains to Dan why she nominated Hazel and what she
thinks of Hazel’s her actions.

Sophie comments “It’s like when she’s dancing with the boys, grinding up their willies an’ that, if my dad saw me doing that, he’d have no respect for me.”

Meanwhile, Hazel and Daley are sunbathing side by side in the garden while having a quiet chat.

Daley comments “When I look at you, I wanna know that what I’m getting is what I think it is.”

Hazel “Have you not been getting that off me over the last few days or something, obviously Dexter said something to you? I can tell you’re looking at me differently, that’s all.”

Daley “So are you saying you still wanna know me, when you get out?”

Hazel “Yes. You’ll see all my diary room stuff when you get out.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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