Big Brother 2013: Dexter is jealous of Callum's closeness with Charlie!

A jealous Dexter Koh clashes with Callum Knell on tonight's Big Brother 2013.

It follows Dexter confessing to Charlie last night that he had feelings for her.

But Charlie wasn't convinced, telling him: "No I don’t believe that for a second because I know you look at people…Look at the way you look at Hazel, you stare all the into her eyes.”

Watching from their decking in the safe house as Callum massages Charlie’s head, Dexter tells Gian: “I can’t just sit down all day and watch that. Even if she’s not with me, and gets back with him and he hurts her, I’ll feel that I have to protect her.”

Gina replies “Do you really have it that bad?”

Dexter insists: “I’m a very jealous person!”

Meanwhile, Callum confonts Daley after watching this week's nominations as part of the task.

Callum rants to Sam:“I don’t feel let down because he nominated me. We’ve had chats where we’ve been deep. He thinks I’m acting too nice all the time. If he thinks I’m fake, why does he wanna cry on my shoulder, I’ve been there for him, I won’t do that again.”

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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