Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal set secret detective task

Dan Neal (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother will be putting Dan’s detective skills to the test today with a new task.

This after BB set him a task to discover which housemate is on a secret mission.

Big Brother will set Sam a secret mission to sabotage Dan’s day with a list of dastardly challenges:

Bury Dan’s toiletries in the vegetable patch
Put hot sauce in Dan’s food
Put Dan’s clothes in the pool

Big Brother will then give each housemate except for Dan a gold envelope. Inside the envelope is a message from Big Brother that tells the housemates that Sam has been set a secret mission to sabotage Dan’s day. The envelopes also tell the housemates that they must play along as if they are on a secret mission to make Dan’s task more difficult.

If Sam manages to avoid being found out by Dan then he will win a reward. However if Dan proves his worth as a detective, and discover that Sam is the housemate on the secret mission, then he will win a reward.

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