Big Brother 2013 safe house duo to take control of the other housemates

Diary Room Chair

The Big Brother 2013 safe house housemates have got a new task.

Earlier today, Big Brother revealed which two housemates have won the public vote to live in the Safe House: Daley and Hazel.

A phone in the Safe House will become a request hotline for the Safe House Residents. The Safe House Residents will be able to call another phone in the Main House and bombard the other Housemates with as many requests as they wish.

Housemates must not miss a phone call and must answer the phone “Hello Safe House request hotline.” The Safe Housemates are allowed request whatever service they like from the others, and are not allowed to leave the Safe House area to do anything for themselves (unless Big Brother calls them to the Diary Room).

Big Brother will give the Safe Housemates a list of meals that they may request and the other housemate will have a big box of ingredients to make these meals for them without any recipes to follow.

Big Brother will ban the Safe Housemates from doing certain things for themselves, thereby forcing them to call the Safe Housemates and get them to do these things for them. For example Safe Housemates are not allowed to pour drinks or make their own food.

Big Brother will also provide the Safe housemates will some examples of the type of services that they can request, and encourage them to be creative and make up their own requests:

* Safe Housemates can call to request: Hugs, and compliments to cheer up Housemates.
* Housemate could make convenient human footstools, pillows, drink holders etc.
* Housemates can be called on to provide entertainment.
* Housemates can be used to pass on messages if housemates are too tired to do so themselves.
* Housemates can fan you while you sunbathe and rub in sun cream.
* Housemate can be called on to clean anything in the house and do laundry.

Housemates are also encouraged to use their imaginations, and make up any other requests they like.

The other housemates must carry out all requests or they will be punished.

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