Big Brother 2013 spoilers: Housemates get £280 shopping budget after task


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have managed to raise just half of their luxury shopping budget this week.

For this week's shopping task, the three Safe House housemates - Gina, Dexter and Charlie - became members of the Treasury and will be implementing cuts for the house.

Each cut will save the housemates money, which will be put towards their shopping budget.

But there were also a series of treats and temptations which would cost the group money.

On Day 1, the Treasury chose to:

Strike the housemates clothes - raise £95

The vainest girl in the house cannot wear make up - raise £65

Jack and Joe were chosen to separate alphabet spaghetti on slices of bread to continually spell out ‘Times are tough, lets pull together’ - £60

Take away all cigarettes - £90

However, The Treasury chose these perks:

Gina got her nails and make up professionally done - cost £20

Dexter had an expert wine tasting course - cost £40

Champagne for the treasury - £25

The housemates chose to:

Eat pizza - cost £30

Have a night of pool access, music and alcohol - cost £75

As a result the total gained for the shopping budget after day 1 is: £120

Day 2 saw the Treasury trio implement the following new cuts:

Jack and Joe were chosen to separate mixed seafood into tubs raising £60

Dan and Wolfy were chosen to be handcuffed together for the duration of the task raising £70

This week's nominations were revealed raising £150

But Charlie chose to have a massage costing £30 while birthday girl Sophie went on a duty free spending spree costing £90 - made up of a pamper hamper £22, spray tan £10, mystery box 1 £22, mystery box 2 £13, sweets hamper £15, paddling pool £8.

That brought the total money raised over the two days to £590, but having incurred costs of £310, the housemates have £280 for this week's shopping.

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