Big Brother 2013 eviction: Callum Knell loses it!


With tonight's Big Brother 2013 eviction pending, it seems that Callum Knell is losing it.

Having sat firmly on the fence for most of the series so far, Callum has been making his opinions known in recent days.

Which we're sure has nothing to do with being up for eviction for the first time at all.

The latest targets of his rants were Wolfy and Dexter, with Callum branding the latter a "snake" once again.

An angry Callum snapped: "I was just laughing to myself. Tonight, despite all this and everyone being ***holes, everyone will be going 'There, there', 'Give me a cuddle.'"

He continued: "Every time Wolfy comes over to cuddle, I'm thinking 'You were a nice girl', I can't be bothered, I can't be f**king bothered with it.

As the other housemates watched on in shock at his random outburst, Callum continued: "And Dexter, I want to tell him how it is every now and then, I want give him a f**king reality check cause he doesn't live in this world.

"He's running around whispering and then complaining why no one likes his advice, is he f**king stupid? Whenever he tells someone something, he gets something out of it, our original snake."

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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