Big Brother UK: FIGHT! Twins tell Dexter to f**k off over latest task


Big Brother twins Jack and Joe clashed with Dexter this afternoon over this week's latest shopping task.

This week in order to earn a luxury shopping budget, the three Safe House housemates - Gina, Dexter and Charlie - have become members of the Treasury and will be implementing cuts for the house.

Each cut will save the housemates money, which will be put towards their shopping budget.

The three Treasury members have the last say on the cuts, but of course they won't impact them, they'll continue to live a life of luxury in the safe house.

Today saw the latest round of cuts, with the Treasury trio deciding to make the twins sort out fish guts for £50.

But the reasoning from Dexter that it'd be easier and quicker for them as there was two of them didn't go down well.

"We're twins Dexter, stop using the fact that there's two of us, there's always been two of us, stop using it as a reason," one half of the pair snapped.

'I don't think it's fair you saying 'There are two of you so it'll be quick'. No! I'm not being used as your scapegoat to sort out fish crap because we're twins, it's not on, don't use the fact that we're twins against us."

Later on and as the duo got stuck into sorting out their bowl of smelly fish leftovers, they continued to rant to themselves: "F**k Dexter, do us all a favour and get out cause we did actually all vote you out!"

Meanwhile, the Treasury members decided to tie up both Wolfy and Dan, leading to some awkward moments when it came to using the toilet.

Watch the task tonight and tomorrow night on Channel 5.

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