Big Brother 2013: Day 28 highlights and recap


Day 28 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw a new shopping task and plenty of romance dramas.

Today day 1 of the shopping task started: The Budget. The safe house residents become The Treasury and were in control of budget cut decisions for the house.

In the bedroom, Jackie and Hazel are discussing Dexter telling Charlie different stories and twisting her emotions.

First budget cut to take place - all housemates clothes are removed from the house for the remainder of the task.

Second budget cut to take place - Hazel is not allowed to wear make up for the remainder of the task.

Third budget cut to take place - Jack & Joe must spell out a phrase continuously from alphabet spaghetti on bread.

Gina chooses to have a pamper session which results in the house budget being deducted £20.

Fourth budget cut to take place - all cigarettes and tobacco are taken away for the remainder of the task.

Dexter is tempted by a wine tasting session which results in the house being deducted £40. Wolfy is the only housemate that seemed annoyed by this decision.

The safe house residents get a champagne treat which costs the shopping budget £25.

The housemates choose to have alcohol and pool access for the night which deducts £75 from their budget. The housemates agree that the safe house residents are not allowed to have any of their alcohol. An argument erupts when Gina and Dexter start drinking the housemates wine. Jackie is furious and Gina and Hazel argue, Gina calls Hazel ‘a b**ch’.

Knowing that Dexter is talking to Hazel alone in the tree house, Daley gets annoyed. He thinks he is being spoken about being his back and he goes out to the garden to confront Dexter. Daley tells Dexter that the Hazel situation is done and it is between the two of them. People need to stop talking about it.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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