Big Brother 2013 nominations to be revealed to the house!


The Big Brother 2013 Budget Task continues today, and there's more power in store for the safe house trio.

For this week's shopping task, the three Safe House housemates - Gina, Dexter and Charlie - have become members of the Treasury and will be implementing cuts for the house.

Each cut will save the housemates money, which will be put towards their shopping budget.

The three Treasury members have the last say on the cuts, but of course they won't impact them, they'll continue to live a life of luxury in the safe house.

Day 1 saw the housemates make total savings of £120, minus the cash that Gina, Dexter and Charlie spent on massages and champagne.

Today, the the Treasury will make more cuts and have the following choices:

- Daley and Hazel must suck sweets together until they’re small enough to slot into a box: Raise: £50

- All girls must take off and hand in their make up until the end of the task: £50

- One housemate of The Treasury’s choice will be cut from the show for the remainder of the task: £55

- The Greediest housemate has to separate mixed seafood into tubs: Raise £50

Charlie will be offered another temptation: a massage.

Sophie and a housemate of her choice take part in ‘Duty Free’. They go to small task room and have an option of picking a variety of hampers - but all at a cost.

And in one final cut, the Treasury will decide to either reveal the Girls' OR the Boys' noms to the rest of the house.

Tonight, The final result is revealed; Big Brother announces the total amount made by the housemates...minus the amount deducted by not sticking to the cuts.

Watch the fallout on tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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