Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan gets death threats ahead of eviction


Big Brother 2013 housemate Hazel O’Sullivan has been the victim of death threats ahead of tomorrow night's eviction.

The Irish model faces the axe alongside Jackie Travers, Callum Knell and Wolfy Millington.

And in just a week, Hazel has gone from one of the favourites to the tip to be evicted.

Following a week of flirting with Daley, bookies have made her the odds on favourite to leave tomorrow, with even the housemates openly predicting her exit.

“Hazel is seriously hated. The tide has turned on her and she’s going to get a rough ride when she leaves," a source said.

Things were made worse for Hazel after Dale's girlfriend Katie appeared on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, telling Emma Willis: “I know him very, very well. I know his eyes and his body language and I recognise everything.

“It was me that he used to look at in that way and now it’s her. I genuinely think he really likes her but I don’t know how she feels.

“I wish I had the strength to not look, to not watch but I have been and I guess I am torturing myself. It is just heart-breaking.”

But things between Daley and Hazel have cooled off recently, with the boxer confessing it the Diary Room on last night's show: “I am not going to be foolish enough to think that because I am locked up in this house I am head over heels in love with Hazel because that is not the case and never will be.

“So I know what I have got to do now: I have to man up, not keep my distance with Hazel as that will make things awkward, but not entertain anything.

“If I can be strong enough to beat everything I have beaten in my life then I can be strong enough not to act on anything, so that is what I am going to do now.”

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