Big Brother 2013: It all kicks off between Dexter Koh and Daley Ojuederie!


A row erupted in the early hours of the Big Brother 2013 house this morning between Dexter Koh and Daley Ojuederie.

And of course, it was all about Hazel O’Sullivan.

It started when Hazel and Dexter sat down for a heart to heart about how she was coming across after Dexter had been watching the show from the safe house.

"I'll just say it, you're leaving on Friday," he told the Irish model. "I don't have a problem with you but I don't agree with some of the stuff I saw.

"The first couple of days we saw, it appeared you were looking like the evil person who was trying to wreck someone's relationship. But then as it progressed, you were as bad as one another, he looked like an absolute player, and you looked like a bitch."

Dexter added: "It was some of the most excruciating moments I've seen on national television."

Hazel declared: "I'm going to die of embarrassment."

But Daley got wind of the pair's tree house chat and interrupted the conversation with a string of expletives.

"If you're talking about me bruv, say it to my face in front of me and her," Daley snapped. "Whatever me and Hazel have to say to each other is between me and her, I'm sitting in the living room with people talking in front of my f**king face.

"It's been me and her, I don't want f**king everyone talking all the f**king time and be and her."

Hazel was quick to defend Dexter, as he insisted: "Let's just finish this now, everyone is getting f**king bored of it, it's done."

After calming down, Daley apologised: "I'm sorry bruv, I'm sorry for shouting at you, but I've got to talk to you straight up."

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