Big Brother 2013: Wolfy Millington rages over lack of cigarettes


Cigarettes have been banned in the Big Brother 2013 house for just hours, but Wolfy Millington has already lost it.

For this week's shopping task, the three Safe House housemates - Gina, Dexter and Charlie - have become members of the Treasury and will be implementing cuts for the house.

The three Treasury members have the make some tough decisions for the rest of the housemates, while they continue to live a life of luxury.

Last night saw the Treasury housemates have to make their latest cut when faced with two choices from Big Brother: Ditch all food in the house except from basic rations, or ditch cigarettes.

The three piece eventually decided to ban the fags, to the agreement of most of the housemates, but Wolfy didn't look at all happy with the choice.

Later on and Wolfy angered the group by revealing she would be ignoring the ban.

"I don't give two f**ks at the end of the day," Wolfy spat, "I've thought about it for hours, f**k it!

"Every body hates me anyway, I don't give two s***s. I want a fag, I don't give a s**t."

Sam snapped: "No one will respect you!"

Jackie told her: "You should care, we're working as a team."

And Callum remarked: "You're selfish, you're jeopardising the shopping budget and we're all f**ked."

But Wolfy repeated: "I don't care, I don't give two s***s."

Watch the fallout on tonight's from 10PM on Channel 5.

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