Big Brother 2013: Cigarettes are banned and Wolfy's not happy!


Cigarettes have been banned in the Big Brother 2013 house and Wolfy's not happy!

For this week's shopping task, the three Safe House housemates - Gina, Dexter and Charlie - have become members of the Treasury and will be implementing cuts for the house.

Each cut will save the housemates money, which will be put towards their shopping budget.

The three Treasury members have the last say on the cuts, but of course they won't impact them, they'll continue to live a life of luxury in the safe house.

Last night saw the Treasury housemates have to make their latest tough decision for the rest of the housemates: Ditch all food in the house except from basic rations, or ditch cigarettes.

"I feel like taking away the cigarettes just to see how Wolfy would feel," Gina said as the trio decided which to choose. "I know that sounds nasty, but I want to see how she'd feel."

The three piece eventually decided to ban the fags, to the agreement of most of the housemates, but Wolfy didn't look at all happy with the choice.

All cigarettes and tobacco currently in the house had to be forfeited to Big Brother via the hatch.

If any housemate decides not to follow the decision and is caught smoking, the luxury shopping budget will be cut.

Watch the fallout on tonight's from 10PM on Channel 5.

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