Big Brother 2013: Day 27 highlights and recap


Day 27 in the Big Brother house saw the safe house revealed, with Gina and Dexter making an important decision.

It is decision day for Gina and Dexter they must choose which nominated housemate to save from eviction and which housemate to replace them with.

Gina and Dexter are told they will be revealed to the house. They are apprehensive and excited.

Jack and Joe are having a disagreement in the bedroom over which one is smarter. Joe tells Jack he can’t use the weight card because he is 2 stone heavier.

Gina and Dexter discuss their choice of who to save. They do not want to live with Callum but they are also not sure if they could live with Charlie.

After the safe house has been revealed to the other housemates, they are all excitable and bombard Gina and Dexter with questions. Gina and Dexter choose Charlie to save and swap her with her mother Jackie.

Joe is upset by Gina’s comment that he is bitchy. He didn’t realise he was bitchy. Dan consoles him and tells him the word can mean different things.

Hazel tells Big Brother in the diary room that it has added a touch of spice to the whole thing to have Gina and Dexter back in the house however Gina doesn’t add anything to the house.

Once in the safe house Charlie asks Dexter and Gina if any of the housemates are not as they seem. They reply that most of the housemates are the same, they refer to Joe as ‘the evil twin’ and Hazel as ‘not a nice girl’.

Jackie and Hazel are in the garden discussing that if they were to leave on Friday they would not be devastated to leave as they would be able to crack on with work and see family.

Dan talks to Hazel in the tree house about her behaviour with Daley. She says that her relationship with Daley has developed because of boredom in the house.u

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