Big Brother 2013 housemates split for latest shopping task


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have been set their latest shopping task.

Housemates must earn money for the budget in this penny pinching shopping task. One group of housemates become the Treasury. It is the Treasury’s job to earn money for the budget by implementing various cuts across the 2 days.

The other housemates will be helping to earn money for the house by complying with these cuts. In order to control spending, it is up to the Treasury to decide what cuts they wish to issue the housemates with. The harsher cuts they give them the more money they will earn, but the worse the housemates’ lives will be. There will also be treats, but they will come at a price.


The Treasury

The Gina, Dexter and Charlie have become the Treasury. Their task is to earn as much money as they can by implementing cuts that the rest of the house must endure. They will also be tempted with special treats that would take money away from the shopping budget. When making cuts the Treasury will go to the large task room, where the rest of the house has gathered.

Day 1

The Treasury make their first cut of the day; strike the beds or all housemates clothes (RAISE £90)

The Treasury go to the large task room and must choose and announce just TWO of the following:

- The VAINEST girl in house cannot wear make up for the remainder of the task: RAISE £58

- One housemate of The Treasury’s choice must arrange alphabet spaghetti on slices of bread to continually spell out ‘TIMES ARE TOUGH LETS PULL TOGETHER’: RAISE: £53

- The LAZIEST housemate must clean the toilets with a toothbrush until further notice: RAISE £55

- Dan & Wolfy have to remain handcuffed together for the duration of the task: RAISE: £59

TREASURY TEMPTATION 1: (in the Diary Room) Gina offered make up and nail treatment – costs £45

Treasury to decide to either take away all the food from the house (leaving basic rations) OR cigarettes: RAISE £75

4:00 PM
TREASURY TEMPTATION 2 (In the Diary Room) - Dexter is offered wine tasting session- costs £50

7:00 PM
Champagne and music given to Treasury.

7:30 PM
Housemates will be tempted with booze and use of the plunge pool.

All booze and use of the plunge pool will cost extra money that will be taken from the budget.

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