Big Brother UK: Jackie Travers isn't happy with Dexter Koh over nominations!

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Nominated Big Brother 2013 housemate Jackie Travers isn't happy with Dexter Koh.

Yesterday saw the Big Brother 2013 nomination results change, as Dexter and Gina Rio decided to save Charlie from the chop and put up Jackie in her place.

But Jackie wasn't too worried about that, however she was angry that Gina and Dexter were refusing to reveal who had nominated who.

The pair, who are now back in the main house, spied on the group since Friday night, but have been keeping quiet about what they've seen.

"You can't [talk about nominations], we can, but we don't to come back in here and be the villains again and get villainised," Dexter said.

"I want to know, it's fun, it gives us something to do!" Jackie pressed.

" The nomination conversation will go into another conversation, it'll snowball and get really deep," Dexter said, sticking by his decision to keep quiet.

However Jackie wasn't having it, and moaned: "Do you think people care who nominated people? It's so boring, it really is. I just cant believe anyone would take offence about being nominated.

"I couldn't give a s**t you nominated me, so why would anyone take offence, it's fun, it's a show, when you get out of here you've got your real life, I don't know why you're all bothered."

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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