Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell rages over "arrogant f**ker" Wolfy Millington


Big Brother 2013 fence sitter Callum Knell has opened up about his rather blunt feelings about Wolfy Millington.

Finally daring to air an opinion, Callum clashed with Wolfy over her arrogant attitude in the house.

He told Sam last night: "Me and Wolfy had a one-to-one this morning where I told her what I thought and she spun it back on me. I said to her, two things, that I genuinely thought.

"I said, 'You're not coming across as confident, you're coming across as an arrogant f**ker. You're arrogant. Don't say you've won already or you're in the final.' She said it was just positive thinking, I was like, f**k that, think what you want. "

Callum, who is facing eviction along with Wolfy this week, continued: "And I think she's rude, when she's talking to someone, she gets her bit out and then walks off laughing, that's not a conversation, that's being rude.

"She went, 'You're saying what Charlie's being saying, Charlie's leading you'. I went, 'Am I ****!, Am I **** being led around, I'm savvy and clever enough to make up my own mind in here now."

He concluded: "I know she's talking s***, she's trying to s*** stir, and I've had enough."

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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