Big Brother 2013: Day 26 highlights and recap


Day 26 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw nominations revealed and a shock twist.

• From the safe house Dexter remarks on Daley waking up with a guilty look on his face all the time.
• Gina tells Dexter that he reminds her of a fashion designer. Dexter goes on to do an impression of a fashion designer.
• In the garden, Jackie asks Hazel if she was wrong last night while talking about Callum. Dan and Hazel don’t think she did anything wrong but Charlie tells her to be more mindful and the two begin to argue.
• Callum attempts to build bridges with Hazel following his comments to Daley the previous evening about his and Hazel’s behaviour.
• Charlie is upset and cries in the garden following her argument Jackie. Dan comforts her and she admits to feeling frustrated and annoyed at her mum.

While listening from the safe house, Gina is not impressed by Hazel’s conversation with Joe where she discusses her behaviour with Daley.
• Gina and Dexter pick housemates names to fill in the blanks for the ‘Making the Headlines’ task.
• All of the housemates then take turns to guess the answers and think they are actual headlines from their time in the house.
• After the task, Charlie and Joe say they feel relieved not to be mentioned in the headlines. Wolfy targets Charlie and tells her to stop rubbing it in.
• Big Brother announces that housemates have passed the task and will receive a treat of water guns and ice lollies. However as punishment for discussing nominations the day before, Jackie, Sam and Sophie are sent to jail.
• A water fight ensues in the garden, Wolfy turns to Hazel and says, ‘I won the wet t-shirt competition b***h!’
• Hazel and Daley are getting close in the living area; she is persistently trying to hug him.
• Gina and Dexter are told that the nominations will be announced live and they get to watch. They are also informed that they will be able to save one housemate and replace them with someone else.
• The nominations are revealed to the house. Gina comments on Hazel’s reaction to being up for eviction: ‘She looks evil.’
• At the smoking bench Charlie asks Wolfy why she is being difficult and what her ‘problem is’ following her comments after the task. Wolfy says that her problem is that Charlie thinks Wolfy has a problem. Charlie is left bemused by her behaviour.
• During tonight’s show, there are several moments where Daley and Hazel almost lock-lips…

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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