Big Brother news: Gina and Dexter disagree over who to save

Dexter Koh (Big Brother 2013)

With just hours to go until their big decision is due, Dexter and Gina are failing to come to an agreement over this week's Big Brother 2013 nominations.

In last night's Big Brother 2013 nomination results, the four housemates currently facing eviction were announced.

After each of the housemates had voted, Wolfy received 8 nominations, Callum received 5 nominations and both Hazel and Charlie received two nominations.

However, Big Brother then revealed a twist: Tonight, safe house housemates Gina and Dexter will have the power to save one of the nominated housemates currently up for eviction and to replace them with another housemate of their choosing, before lines open and the public have their say.

Continuing to spy on the housemates this afternoon, Dexter remarked: "Definitely glad we didn't save Wolfy after that conversation slagging me off."

Gina agreed: "We could never save her, that'd be the worst thing we could ever do, she's not serious."

But while Gina and Dexter saw eye to eye when it came to who not to save, they have so far failed to agree on who to save.

"If we save Callum he has to join the dark side," Dexter said. "He has join the dark side and not go off on his own. [But] He wouldn't back us as he doesn't have the backbone or balls, he's callus but only for his own mentality and what he wants to get it.

"I want to save him but I just find him too calculating."

"If we save Charlie, she'd probably have our back," said Gina, before once again fighting Callum's corner.

"But I don't like the way they're treating Callum, because they all treated us the same way." she said.

However Dex remained unconvinced, worried that that saving Callum would be a decision that'd later come back to haunt them.

Check back to the site this evening to see who the pair eventually chose to save!

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