Big Brother UK news: Hazel O’Sullivan angry with Callum Knell


Hazel and Callum clash on Big Brother this evening over her continued flirting with Daley Ojuederie.

It all starts after Callum warns Daley to back off Hazel following a party thrown by BB.

Daley ranted: “F***ing Callum p***ing me off sometimes! Trying to tell me what to do like he’s my father, f***ing gets on my nerves sometimes, ‘There’s a line, and then you know not to cross that line.’

"I was only f***ing dancing man, I was with everyone. Obviously me and her are close, so I danced more with her.”

In the bedroom, Dan and Hazel were talking about Callum and his advice to Daley.

Dan tells Hazel: “Callum told Daley, ‘There’s a line and you might be crossing that line with Hazel, with the way you danced with her earlier.’”

“F*** off!" gasps Hazel, "But Callum was the one saying to me ‘Oh you’ve got moves Hazel, you’ve got moves, you’ve got moves.’”

Dan quipped: “He’s a d***head.”

Later on and Daley and Charlie are chatting; Hazel interrupts them and asks what Callum has been saying.

“Yeah what is that? What the f**k is he saying? she snaps. "That I’ve crossed a line?"

“Well that’s all he said. That’s literally all he said," replied Charlie.

Daley clarified: “He was saying it to me not to Charlie. I sorted it out anyway I told him it wasn’t any of his business.”

Hazel says: “I completely missed this.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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