Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio brands Hazel a "wrestler"


Gina Rio is still gunning for Hazel O’Sullivan in tonight's Big Brother 2013.

In the safe house, Gina talks to Dexter about Hazel, and how she acts around Daley, a topic which she hasn't seemingly stopped discussing since the pair entered the secret house last Friday night.

“She really looks like a wrestler," Gina said. "You can’t do that when you’ve got a girlfriend on the outside who loves you. She really is inside, to do that.

"If I was single no matter how much I like a guy, if he had a girlfriend or a wife then there’s no way I would cross that line, there is a girl code. That’s just something you don’t do.”

But while Gina was blaming Hazel, Callum took Daley aside in the main house and gave him a friendly warning about his close dancing with Hazel.

In tonight's show, Callum tells him: “Did you enjoy that music man, just share the love? Do you understand? Do it with everyone, including me and Sam.”

“I’m not going to wind with you two," Daley said.

Callum pressed: “But you understand me though. Share the love and then you stay behind that line, you’re good though.”

Daley insisted: “I’m not worried man.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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