Big Brother 2013: Day 25 highlights and recap


Day 25 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the safe house twist continue, as the latest nominations took place.

Yesterday housemates nominated for the 3rd time. The nominations will be revealed LIVE to the house in part four of tonight’s show.

Secret housemates Dexter & Gina watch the nominations from the safe house, and comment on the reasons that housemates give for nominating.

Housemates continue to complain that Callum is ‘too nice.’ Gina sympathises with Callum while watching the house exploits from the safe house.

Charlie and Jackie are in the garden discussing Charlie’s post Big Brother career options.

Hazel and Daley talk privately in the tree house about Daley feeling down.

The housemates are restricted to the living area with the blinds down, unaware that Gina and Dexter are in the garden, enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

In the safe house, Gina enjoys a luxury bath while eating pizza. She tells Dexter that once she leaves the house she is going to get herself a personal trainer.

In the bedroom, Callum straddles Jack in order to give him a massage; other housemates comment on how creepy and wrong it looks.

Sophie and Daley talk about what they miss about Dexter

In the living area Callum talks with Jackie and Wolfy about his plans after the show. Jackie asks him if the revelations on his audition video for Big Brother will damage his chances of becoming a teacher.

Big Brother gives housemates a party. While housemates are dancing, Gina and Dexter enjoy the music from the garden and dance ‘Jackie Travers style.’

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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