Big Brother 2013: Gina and Dexter to stir things up again in latest task

GINA RIO (Big Brother 2013)

Their time in the safe house is nearly up, but Gina and Dexter have one more task from Big Brother this afternoon.

Big Brother has made some typically sleazy tabloid headlines and it’s up to Gina and Dexter to decide which housemate each headline is about.

Gina and Dexter have been called to the diary room, given fake headlines, and told to add the name of any housemate they wish to each of the blank spaces.

This is Gina and Dexter’s chance to cause some mischief, as their fake headlines will later become the answers to a ‘Front Page Quiz’ for the other housemates.

Once Gina and Dexter have completed their part of the task, the housemates will be set the exact same questions.

The housemates will believe that these headlines are completely real and have come from well known newspapers in the outside world. They will be told that in order to win rewards for the task, they must correctly provide Big Brother with the correct names that complete the headlines.

However, what housemates do not know, is they are actually being tasked with successfully matching their answers to all of the names provided by Gina and Dexter.

The housemates will win summery rewards of water guns and ice lollies for each correct answer.

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