Big Brother 2013 nominations: Gina and Dexter to save and replace one nominated housemate


For housemates potentially face eviction from Big Brother 2013 this week after the latest round of nominations.

Yesterday, for the third time this series the housemates had to turn on another, and they were back in the Diary Room after last week's face to face nominations.

The housemates were unaware however that Gina and Dexter, who had been 'fake evicted' on Friday', were watching on from the Safe House, content in the knowledge that they were immune from being nominated.

After each of the housemates had voted, Wolfy received 8 nominations, Callum received 5 nominations and both Hazel and Charlie received two nominations.

However, tonight Big Brother had a surprise in store for the safe house housemates.

Tomorrow night, Gina and Dexter will have the power to save one of the nominated housemates from being put up for eviction.

And in an extra twist, the pair will get the power to replace them with another housemate before lines open and the public have their say.

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Are you happy with the nomination results as they stand? Who do you think Dexter and Gina will save and who will be the unlucky housemate they choose to go up for eviction? As always, leave your opinions below...

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