Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio brands Jackie Travers a bully


Big Brother 2013's Gina Rio has branded Jackie Travers a bully after watching her from the safe house.

Gina and Dexter have been living in the secret room since they were 'evicted' on Friday night, spying on all of the house action, including Diary Room chats.

And last night a drunk Jackie became Gina's latest target.

Having had a few too many drinks, Jackie warned the others that she was going to be more outspoken from now on.

"I have to be honest with you now, I'm on a roll tonight, I won't regret it..." she told the group, as her daughter Charlie squirmed. "My true feelings are coming out now, I don't care what anyone thinks.

"This is me, this his how I feel and I should have spoken up earlier."

Despite her claims however, Jackie didn't really say much, with the booze seemingly turning her into a nonsensical mess.

Watching from the secret room however, Gina made up her own mind.

"What a horrible woman, what a bully, she's horrible," she spat. "She's a mean girl, like she's head of the mean girls."

Dexter remained silent as Gina once again lashed out at Hazel too, for apparently 'enjoying' the drunken mum.

"Look at hazel enjoying it, the evil witch Hazel laugh, evil, evil, Hazel," Gina said.

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