Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio and Dexter Koh interrogate Charlie Travers


Charlie Travers was interrogate by safe house dwellers Gina Rio and Dexter Koh in the Big Brother 2013 house today.

Big Brother gave Dexter and Gina the opportunity to interrogate another housemate with whatever questions they choose, after previously giving Hazel a tough time in the Diary Room yesterday.

Charlie was their latest choice, and without her knowledge, pose our safehouser's questions to her in the diary room.

Under the impression that she was being asked questions from the public, Charlie was quizzed on everything from her relationship with Callum to how she was coping with having her mum in the house.

But Dexter got tough, asking Big Brother to ask Charlie: "The public have noticed that some of your close friends may not be as close as you think, if they were to betray you, how would you feel?"

"Very devious, Dexter," replied BB.

Dexter and Gina also told BB to ask: "The public think she's a game player, what plan does she have in place to last a few more weeks?"

However while the pair enjoyed quizzing Charlie, it did seem that they were slightly missing their former housemates as they watched them enjoy the sun in the garden.

Although Gina did snap at Jack and Joe's water fighting, complaining: "They're so childish"

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