Big Brother 2013: Day 24 highlights and recap


Day 24 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw Gina and Dexter take control of the house.

• Last night Dexter and Gina were sent by the public to Big Brother’s secret safe house.
• Jackie trips whilst exercising in the garden. Charlie takes her to the diary room to receive medical treatment.
• Housemates are speculating what Gina and Dexter are up to in the outside world.
• Charlie reveals to Hazel that she felt overprotective about her mum when she fell.
• Hazel and Daley are hugging in the bedroom, Gina and Dexter watch on from their secret house. Gina comments ‘leave the poor boy alone’.
• Safe housemates are called to the diary room and given the opportunity to cause some havoc in the house during the task: Viewers’ Takeover. Housemates will be told viewers will be in control of events in the house; however it will be Gina and Dexter in control of the events.
• Big Brother gives the other housemates a fake overview of the task and told they must follow the instructions of the viewers. If they comply with all of the instructions they will be rewarded by a meal of their choice. Housemates cheer.
• Daley tells Hazel that he won’t be seeing Dexter on the outside which annoys the safe housemate.
• Gina and Dexter’s first choice in their revenge task is to send Daley and Wolfy to jail for the day.
• Next, Gina and Dexter choose Hazel to clean the house from top to bottom dressed in a silly outfit. Hazel is told by Big Brother and reveals that she likes cleaning.
• Big Brother asks the safe housemates which inmate should be served the nice prison cheese sandwich lunch and which one should be served the nasty stinking cheese sandwich lunch. Wolfy is served the nasty lunch and she struggles for some time to eat it.
• Jack and Joe tell Big Brother that there’s a relaxed atmosphere in the house. They say they missed Gina last night and that Dexter had grown on them.
• Dan is frustrated about how long Wolfy is taking to eat her nasty lunch.
• After four hours Wolfy and Daley are released from jail.
• The next part of the task sees Sophie, Jack and Joe given topics to discuss privately in the tree house – chosen by Gina and Dexter.
• Sophie, Jack and Joe reveal that they struggle to live with Wolfy as she is so arrogant and they don’t like it when she spits. Plus Sophie believes Jack and Joe will be most dramatically changed by the Big Brother experience.
• On the sofas, housemates think that Dexter has gone straight back to work. Dan asks if anyone thinks that Gina and Dexter may have been voted into a secret house. Housemates say no. Gina and Dexter laugh from the safe house.
• Charlie and Dan both reveal that they are getting irritated by Wolfy.
• Gina and Dexter agree that Dan has a great body and always has his top off.

• Gina and Dexter’s next task dilemma is to decide which two housemates to reward with a treat. They pick Dan and Sam to receive a cake and wine treat as they like these two housemates the most. Dan and Sam are very pleased, whilst Hazel looks on with envy.
• Housemates are rewarded with a Chinese meal for passing the task. Dexter and Gina watch the house tucking in whilst sipping on champagne.
• Callum, Sam and Daley are rapping in the garden.
• In the bedroom, Charlie and Dan are comforting a tearful Jackie reassuring her to stay positive and still to have a great time. Jackie agrees.
• Callum goes to visit Charlie in the tree house; however she tells him she is fine on her own. He leaves her alone.
• Hazel and Daley are talking and he notices she is looking agitated. She admits that she is feeling frustrated in the house.

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