Big Brother UK 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan branded a "fame-hungry maneater"


Big Brother UK housemate Hazel O’Sullivan has been branded a "fame-hungry maneater" by her supposed pals.

Who needs enemies, eh?

Hazel's apparent modelling friend Layla Flaherty claimed that Hazel would be after Daley and trying to snatch him from his current girlfriend.

“She’s known as a bit of a maneater around Dublin because she’s had her fair share of men," Layla said. “I wouldn’t introduce her to a boyfriend of mine. She’s so striking and has such an effect on men. She makes them crumble.”

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper yesterday: “If Daley went to kiss her she would definitely go for it. And I’m pretty sure she’d share a bed with him if they got closer. I wasn’t surprised she went for him.

“I can definitely see her going for a showmance. She knows that would generate interest and publicity for her. It’s all to get air time.”

And Layla made no secret that Hazel went in to play the game in the hoping of winning the show.

“Hazel will keep flirting with Daley and keep him like a puppy on a leash to keep viewers’ interest in her alive," she told the newspaper. “She might wait until they get out and see if it’s possible for them to get together. She knows being in a couple will be the best way to stay in the limelight.”

Layla added: “She’s in it to win and she will associate herself with whoever is the stronger person. That’s her game plan.”

But it's not the money that Hazel is said to be after, with Layla claiming that the Irish model's decision to enter was a "business move"

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