Big Brother 2013: Is Dan Neal onto the secret safe house?


Gina Rio and Dexter Koh have barely been in Big Brother's secret safe house, but detective Dan Neal is already suspicious.

On Friday night, Gina and Dexter were the two housemates sent to Big Brother’s secret safe house where they have been living a life of luxury.

The couple will secretly live under their housemates’ noses all this week, watching their every move, and will be immune from this week’s latest nominations.

But not all the other housemates were fooled by the pair's fake eviction.

"Does it cross anyone's mind that Gina and Dexter have been voted into a secret house?" Dan asked in the garden yesterday, scarily close to the truth.

Fortunately for Gina and Dex, the other housemates convinced Dan he was wrong, he later admitted: "I don't think so either... I think they've done that too much either."

A little later still however and Dan was once again speculating, saying: "I'm still not convinced the viewers have voted, I'm too caught up on the whole secret and lies thing."

Meanwhile, Gina and Dexter whispered on.

"Like you said Gina, we have to use our power responsibly," Dexter remarked. "We have to base our judgements and behavior when we go back in on what we actually have seen."

Big Brother UK airs nightly on Channel 5.

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